New River Valley/Giles

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Northern Virginia/Loudoun 

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A US based, 501(c)3 charity, LoCo Arts recognizes socio-ecologically centered creative practice as an essential catalyst for change. Fueled by this driving force, our programs and projects provide a hands-on experience that cultivates resilience and action through synthesis of artistry, community, and self.

Our vision, in essence, is to nurture and expand the understanding of self and community through spirited and purposeful creativity.

In the New River Valley, the Art After School and Weekend Open Space programs offer integrated workshop cycles for children, youth and adults. Loudoun County houses a newly organized creative arts-based pre-K day program. Our centers offer myriad expressive opportunities for multi-faceted communities, uniting parallel cultures while recognizing individuality.

Since late 2009, co-founders Tacie N. Jones and Biansa Cox have used their art therapy, creative education, and research practices to empower this dedicated work.

Check out our 'Current Workshops' for children, youth and adults at the historic Newport Community Center and the Creative Beginnings pre-K day program at the Oasis Art House in Leesburg, VA.